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Welcome to the Ackley Society, Where our Mission is to draw together into one place, the known information on the Ackley family name, and the variations of Ackley, Acle, Ackle, akley, Acklie, and Acly concentrating on the 17th and 18th centuries.

For Ackley Research, visit the Collections Section, where you will find information on what is known or believed about the early origins of the Ackley's. with records including original documents and a Photo Gallery for fellow Ackley's to upload photos of their family. There is a Forum where discussions on the Ackley name can occur. The DNA Project, tracing the genetic origins of the Ackley Family. As Ed Ackley and Allen Ackley have a spectacular Ackley Family Tree over at www.ackleygenealogy.com   we are not even attempting to duplicate their effort here on this site. Rather the intent is to compliment their site by focusing on original documents and transcriptions.

Virtually all of the above can be accessed simply by clicking on the links found in the menus above. Many of these areas however require registration. Registration is free and fairly painless but is a valuable tool in helping fight spam. To register click on the Register! link in the menu above.

The information found on this site is due to the continued involvement of many cousins all over the United States. If you would like to become involved, even if only in a small way, drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Clicking on the Collections link in the top menu will take you to the Ackley Society Collections, where you will find a small but growing collection of record extractions and original source images of for and about Ackley's. Our collections will include Census, Bible Records, birth, marriage, obituaries and wills, grants and photographs. To the extent possible we use the Henry Numbering system to identify the individuals on this site. Click on the identification link in the top menu for more info.


The Ackley Society Sponsors special Projects. While the current emphasis here is to extract and publish the many Ackley related documents in the archives, we are currently sponsoring the DNA Project. The Mission of the DNA Project is two-fold. First to identify the Ackley's living today and how they descend from Nicholas Ackley (or if they even do!). Second to reach out to Ackley's and their descendants in England in an effort to link US Ackley's to UK Ackley's. For more information click on the Projects link above.